What would happen if an American football coach coached soccer in Europe? Jason Sudeikis paints a picture PERFECTLY!

Whether you’re a soccer nut or you don’t have a clue what’s going on in the World Cup, this is guaranteed to make you giggle.

Enjoy the Hump Day laughs, folks!


The NBA season FINALLY ended last night. I, for one, am really excited that I don’t have to hear about it for a while.

But just in case you’re a huge NBA fan (no one is), here’s a few of your favorite NBA players reading mean tweets to help your through withdraw.

My personal favorite? “If anything ever happens to the guy that does the voice for Cookie Monster…I can sleep at night knowing we have Dikembe Mutumbo as back up.” PURE GOLD.


Lots of excitement around The World Cup! Love this commercial. 

We here at CSL will be cheering on the US team! 


Want to win your kickball league? This team captain has it down to a science.

In possibly the BEST kickball email to ever be sent, this team captain set some ground rules for his male teammates. Namely, don’t get busy with your teammates (at least until week 5)!

"Everyone thinks kickball is a great game, they all want to play, then towards the end of the season, attendance tapers off, and you’re begging and pleading for people to show up to fill out the team, and it doesn’t happen, and you forfeit, and you’re pissed, and it sucks. SUCKS.

The main reason for this, is screwing. No joke, you bang some chick, she’s ashamed, maybe you sucked at it (none of us, obviously) and she doesn’t want to see you, therefore she doesn’t show up again.

So, this rule has been created, not to hinder us, but to help the team. Think of it as an extended challenge. The slow roll. The long con.”

Want to read the rest of the email? (You do - trust me). Check out the full email here.


Apparently the National Spelling Bee was on ESPN last night (because spelling is a sport?)….I didn’t watch because A) those kids make me feel unintelligent and B) I have a life.

During the spelling bee, one contestant asked the judge to use “feijoada” in a sentence and the judge made a Kelis - My Milkshake reference, and IT WAS AWESOME.

If funny things like that keep happening in the spelling bee, maybe I’ll actually watch next year! ….who I am kidding, no I wont.